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First ever religious knowledge poll conducted in Northern Ireland

Levels of religious knowledge in Northern Ireland are even lower than in the Republic according to a new opinion poll conducted by Millward Brown Ulster on behalf of The Iona Institute, the Evangelical Alliance of Ireland (EAI) and the Evangelical Alliance (Northern Ireland).

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full release (PDF). Click to read poll results (PDF)

Note to media: Please note the embargo of 00.01, Monday, December 10, 2007.

Press Release 10th December, 2007
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New report reveals extent of marriage breakdown in Ireland
Limerick City has the highest rate of marriage breakdown in Ireland. The worst affected age group is 45-49 year olds

A new report from The Iona Institute based on a detailed analysis of Census 2006 the first analysis of its kind published to date reveals the full extent of changing family structure and marriage breakdown in Ireland.

The analysis shows marriage breakdown by age and region and includes colour-coded maps of major Irish cities illustrating this down to the electoral division level.

Immediate release - Friday, September 14, 2007
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New Census figures show how economy is harming family life
Big drop in stay-at-home spouses recorded

The latest Census 2006 figures reveal how family life in Ireland is being harmed by economic pressures, especially the still high price of property.

The Census confirms the very long commuting times faced by many workers each day. A minimum of 131,144 people are taking one to one and a half hours travelling to their workplace, and another 56,275 are spending more than an hour and a half travelling to work.

Immediate release - June 28, 2007
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New opinion poll shows alarming drop in levels of religious knowledge

Press Release – 9th April, 2007

A new poll conducted by Lansdowne Market Research on behalf of The Iona Institute and the Evangelical Alliance Ireland reveals, for the first time ever, levels of religious knowledge among the general population and finds an alarming drop-off.

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Stay-at-home mothers now being penalised by up to €6,240 pa under tax individualisation says new report

Press Release – 15th March, 2007

As a result of Budget 2007, one-income married couples with children will now pay up to €6,240 more in tax each year than two-income married couples on the same income, a new paper from The Iona Institute says. The gap has now more than doubled since tax individualisation was announced by the then Finance Minister, Charlie McCreevy, to great controversy at the end of 1999.

Click to read full release. Release. March 15, 2007

New Institute Launched

Press Release – 8th January, 2007

A majority of Irish people continue to support marriage and the two-parent family, a new opinion poll has found. The poll, conducted by Lansdowne Market Research, and commissioned by a new organisation - The Iona Institute - has found that there is a two-to-one majority of Irish people in favour of marriage and/or the two-parent family.

Click to read full release. Release. January 8, 2007

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"Research clearly demonstrates that family structure matters for children, and the family structure that helps the most is a family headed by two biological parents in a low-conflict marriage...There is thus value in promoting strong, stable marriages between biological parents."

Child Trends. 'Marriage from a child's perspective: How does family structure affect children, and what can we do about it?' - June 2002