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Bishops given assurances on family status: Irish Catholic

The Government has given an assurance to the bishops that there will be no watering down of the Constitutional rights of the family under a proposed amendment on children’s rights, according to a report in today's Irish Catholic.

The assurance came at a meeting between representatives of the Bishops’ Conference and the Minister for Children Mr Brian Lenihan, TD, the report says.

In a meeting described as “constructive and cordial” by both sides, Mr Lenihan outlined the Government’s reasoning behind the amendments, and its current thinking on how the amendments should be made.

Speaking after the meeting, Bishop Colm O’Reilly said: “Our primary objective at today’s meeting was to explore the issues with Minister Lenihan, and his team, surrounding the proposal for a constitutional amendment to ensure adequate protection for children.”

Dr O’Reilly said that the Bishops’ Conference “welcome the invitation from Minister Lenihan to be part of a dialogue concerning such an important issue facing our society.”

He said “we fully support, and expressed our shared concern for, the provision of adequate protection for the welfare of all children. We explained from the outset that we were here to listen and that at this stage we could give no view to the Minister on the question as to whether there should be a constitutional amendment and associated referendum, or on the wording of such an amendment, should it be necessary, until we have considered all of the issues involved.”

Dr O’Reilly, who is head of the bishops’ child protection liaison committee was accompanied by Bishop Leo O’Reilly, Chair of the bishops’ education commission, Mary Quinn from the Catholic Marriage Care Service, Accord, Harry Casey and Fr Tim Bartlett, from the secretariat, Irish Bishops’ Conference.

In a statement after the meeting Dr O’Reilly said that “we noted the recommendation of the recent All-Party Committee Report on Child Protection that both the proposed wording of any constitutional amendment, and the legislation which would support it, should be made available to the people for careful consideration and analysis before any such referendum.

“We explained that it was our view that given the importance of the issues involved, adequate time should be given to all those concerned for careful consideration of these issues. The Irish Bishops are committed to giving serious and thoughtful consideration to all the issues involved and to issuing a considered response in due course,” Bishop O’Reilly said.

The meeting came as the detail of the proposed referendum is to be finalised in the coming weeks and will be brought to Cabinet at the end of the month or in early February for approval before being published.

The bishops are understood to have sought further information from Mr Lenihan on the specific detail of the proposed constitutional amendments, and further talks and contact are expected between both groups.

The meeting with the bishops is one of a series of talks Mr Lenihan has had with Church leaders in recent days. The Irish Catholic has learnt that the Minister held private talks with the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Diarmuid Martin, last week. A spokesman for Dr Martin said that the archdiocese would be making no comment on the meeting.

Mr Lenihan also met with a delegation from the Conference of Religious in Ireland (CORI) to discuss the proposed referendum. Further meetings are expected to talk place in coming weeks.


Launch of Iona, "timely", says Primate.

Archbishop Sean Brady, Primate of All-Ireland, has welcomed the establishment of the Iona Institute as a “timely initiative”, according to a report in the Irish Catholic newspaper..

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Majority of American women now without a spouse, census finds.

For what is believed to be the first time, more American women are living without a husband than with one.

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Government plans to "bundle" changes to Constitution: report

The Government's planned referendum on children's rights, which could change as many as three separate articles of the Constitution, may only present voters with one question.

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Children's study will deal with family structure

A new longitudinal study of the lives of children in Ireland will include questions about family structure allowing Irish researchers to investigate for the first time and in a meaningful way the effects of family structure on children.

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Civil partnership may not lead to fewer marriages - report

Laws which give cohabiting couples marriage-like rights may not lead to fewer marriages, according to new research.

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Lawyer apologises for "Unhappy Christmas" ad.

A lawyer from the firm responsible for the "Unhappy Christmas" ad has apologised. Angela Farrell, a managing partner of Farrell Family Law Solicitors, who were behind the ad, said that regretted any offence caused.

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Divorce laws need "fundamental review" says FG Senator

Ireland's divorce laws are in need of "a fundamental examination", according to Fine Gael Senator Fergal Browne. Senator Browne expressed concern that Irish divorces are awarded on a "no fault" basis.

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Happiness linked to marriage and religion, study finds

Marriage and prayer are among some of the key factors in people's happiness, a new study commissioned by the UK Government has found. The research, carried out by an economics professor at London's Imperial College, found that people in stable relationships and people who prayed were more content than their fellow citizens.

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Church leaders express fears over NI sexual orientation legislation

Senior representatives of the Catholic, Presbyterian, Church of Ireland and Methodist churches in Northern Ireland have expressed fears over new legislation which makes any form of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. Download legislation here After a meeting with the Northern Ireland Minister of State, Mr David Hanson, the church leaders issued a press statement laying out the reasons for their fears.

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European court: spinster sisters "not comparable" with gay and lesbian couples for tax purposes.

Two elderly spinster sisters yesterday lost a legal battle to be given the same rights as gay and lesbian couples - meaning one will be forced to sell their home of 40 years when the other dies.

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Marriage crisis linked to social breakdown

Family breakdown is the key cause of the collapse of social cohesion in the UK. That's according to a major new study published by the Conservative Party. The study, commissioned by former leader Iain Duncan Smith, paints a disturbing picture of the decline of the institution of marriage in Britain. And it details the painful social consequences which have resulted from the phenomenon of family breakdown.

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Evidence for gay parenting "should be treated with caution".

A High Court judge has warned that the research showing that children of same sex parents have substantially similar outcomes to those of heterosexual parents is not sufficiently advanced to draw and safe conclusions.

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