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Aggressive Secularism: lessons from Scotland

May 20, 2014 ~

Professor Tom Gallagher discusses aggressive secularism in Scotland and wonders if there are lessons for Ireland in the Scottish experience.

The Alleged Conflict between Faith and Science

18th February 2013 ~ YouTube

Priest and physicist Fr Andrew Pinsent spoke to the Iona Institute in February 2013 about the mistaken view that science and religion are in conflict.

John Waters on the Abolition of God

14th December 2012 ~ YouTube

John Waters addressed the Iona Institute in the Davenport on Wednesday 12th December 2012 on the subject Abolition of God.

David Quinn's talk to the IEC: The Changing Irish Family: for better or worse?

21st June 2012 ~ Video

David Quinn spoke to the International Congress in June 2012 on the changing face of the Irish family, and what it means for Irish society.

Fr Michael Drumm on the rights of denominational schools

18th May 2012 ~ Quicktime Audio

The Chair of the Catholic schools Partnership, Fr Michael Drumm, speaks about the threats to denominational schools posed by certain proposals made by the Forum on Patronage and pluralism.

Mr Henk Vos of VGS an organisation which supports boards and directors of Christian schools in the Netherlands.

18th May 2012 ~ Quicktime Audio

Mr Henk Vos, a member VGS an organisation which supports boards and directors of Christian schools in the Netherlands, spoke to the Iona Institute about the Dutch experience of faith schools.

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali on Triple Jeopardy: Aggressive Secularism, Radical Islamism and Multiculturalism

15th May 2012 ~ RealPlater Audio

The Church of England Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir Ali, addressed the Iona Institute on 9th May 2012 on the topic of aggressive secularism.

Bishop Richard Clarke on the impact of cuts on Church of Ireland schools

15th March 2012 ~ Audio

In March, the Iona Institute hosted a conference last week on the future of denominational schools in light of Education Minister Ruairi Quinn’s Forum on the same topic.

Renewing the Church: A talk by George Weigel

13th December 2011 ~ QuickTime Video

Finola Bruton on Ireland's "mancession"

May 26th 2011 ~ Quicktime Audio

Finola Bruton talks about how the Irish recession has disproportionately hit men, and what to do about it.

Dr Peter Saunders on the unfairness of tax individualisation

May 26th 2011 ~ Quicktime Audio

Peter Saunders explains why tax individualisation is unfair to single-income couples, and encourages couples to be more reliant on the State.

Jonas Himmelstrand on Sweden’s failed daycare experiment

May 26th 2011 ~ Quicktime Audio

Jonas Himmelstrand explains how Sweden's daycare experiment is leading to a decline in educational standards and other areas.

Dr Catherine Hakim on Feminist myths about women, home and work

2010 ~ Quicktime Audio

Dr Catherine Hakim says that social policy usually assumes that all women want to work outside the home, but that this is unfair and counterproductive.

Breda O’Brien on Irish social policy’s bias against mothers

May 26th 2011 ~ Quicktime Audio

Breda O'Brien on how Irish social policy is weighted against the stay-at-mother.

David Quinn's Talk

2011 ~ Audio

David Quinn explains how moral relativism is threatening religious freedom.

The clash between religious freedom and ‘human rights’: Roger Trigg

2011 ~ Audio

Roger Trigg discusses the new conflict between interpretations of "human rights" laws and freedom of religion at a conference hosted by the Iona Institute in October 2010.

Neil Addison's Talk

2011 ~ Audio