Marriage and the Family (News Articles)

Huge support for living together before marriage

By Admin on 13-Dec-11 14:57.

Rise in number of UK divorces

By Admin on 09-Dec-11 17:17.

Pupils to be taught about marriage

By Admin on 08-Dec-11 12:29.

Court rules in favour of couple who used surrogate mothers

By Admin on 07-Dec-11 15:25.

Tax individualisation left unaffected by Budget 2012

By Admin on 07-Dec-11 15:59.

Parents believe it is mainly their task to teach children sex ed

By Admin on 06-Dec-11 12:26.

Divorcing couples use children as ammunition says leading judge

By Admin on 03-Dec-11 12:54.

Less than a third of 3 year olds are in day-care

By Admin on 02-Dec-11 11:53.


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