Marriage and the Family (News Articles)

Judge launches foundation to reduce UK divorce rate

By Admin on 03-Jan-12 17:11.

Government considering outright ban on smacking

By Admin on 03-Jan-12 15:19.

New ruling makes it easier to adopt children of married couples

By Admin on 03-Jan-12 15:04.

Fathers may be forced to sign birth certificates

By Admin on 23-Dec-11 13:29.

Rise in cohabitation driving increase in non-marital births

By Admin on 23-Dec-11 11:54.

Married parents are happiest says new report

By Admin on 22-Dec-11 12:32.

Fear of divorce preventing young people from marrying

By Admin on 20-Dec-11 15:55.

Clegg attacks Tories over pro-marriage plans

By Admin on 20-Dec-11 11:55.


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