Marriage and the Family (News Articles)

Big rise in number of civil marriages

By Admin on 31-May-12 16:46.

Forty percent of American against premarital sex

By Admin on 25-May-12 11:53.

Tory MPs to be given free vote on same-sex marriage

By Admin on 24-May-12 12:04.

Women doing better than men on key measures says OECD study

By Admin on 23-May-12 14:48.

Fathers must be named on birth certs under new proposal

By Admin on 17-May-12 12:30.

Marriage conference cancelled for ‘diversity’ reasons

By Admin on 15-May-12 17:23.

Church of Ireland upholds traditional definition of marriage

By Admin on 15-May-12 11:50.

Catholic schools ‘could be breaking law’ if they oppose same-sex marriage

By Admin on 11-May-12 16:37.


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