Marriage and the Family (News Articles)

Cohabitation is replacing marriage for many couples, study finds

By Admin on 21-Sep-12 15:22.

Marital breakdown up by nearly a quarter since 2006: CSO

By Admin on 21-Sep-12 12:59.

Government publishes wording of children's referendum

By Admin on 20-Sep-12 15:10.

Australian Senate votes against same-sex marriage

By Admin on 20-Sep-12 13:01.

UK looking at legalising "three-parent babies"

By Admin on 18-Sep-12 16:07.

ECHR to hear Austrian same-sex adoption case

By Admin on 18-Sep-12 15:16.

Government set to approve date for children's rights referendum

By Admin on 18-Sep-12 12:43.

French same-sex marriage bill will have no conscience exemptions

By Admin on 14-Sep-12 16:31.


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