A talk by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

'Triple Jeopardy: Aggressive Secularism, Radical Islamism and Multi-culturalism'

When: Wednesday, May 9, 8pm

Where: Davenport Hotel, Dublin 2

Admission: Free

Our next talk will be by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali , who is the former Bishop of Rochester in England. Currently he is President of the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue (OXTRAD).

'Triple Jeopardy: Aggressive Secularism, Radical Islamism and Multiculturalism’ is the name of his upcoming book and his talk on May 9. The emphasis of his talk, however, will be on two of the three ‘jeopardies’, namely aggressive secularism and multi-culturalism.

In Ireland, as in Britain, there are growing threats to religious freedom. One example is to the identity and ethos of denominational schools which are being threatened by demands that denominational schools be more ‘inclusive’ and ‘multi-cultural’. This is despite the fact that such schools already do an excellent job at integrating and welcoming people of different faiths.

Bishop Nazir-Ali is originally from Pakistan and was the first non-white Diocesan Bishop in the Church of England. He was appointed in 1994. Prior to that he was Bishop of Raiwind in Pakistan. He holds both British and Pakistani citizenship and from 1999 was a member of the House of Lords where he was active in a number of areas of national and international concern. He has both a Christian and a Muslim family background.

Bishop Nazir-Ali has been a visiting lecturer in a number of universities and colleges in the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia. He has travelled widely in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. He is the author of ten books and of numerous articles on Mission, Ecumenism, the Anglican Communion, and relations with people of other faiths.

If you would like to attend please email [email protected]  or phone 01 6619 204.