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The ‘marriage equality’ leader in The Irish Times spectacularly misses the point

By David Quinn on 7th November 2013. ~ Categories: Marriage and the Family

There is a leader in The Irish Times today in favour of ‘marriage equality’ that is particularly philosophically illiterate. It seems to have no understanding whatever of why the institution of marriage has ever had special status historically and tellingly offers no definition of marriage at all.


A child can’t have two biological mothers. ‘That’s your opinion’

By Tom O'Gorman on 5th November 2013. ~ Categories: Marriage and the Family

Last week, David Quinn appeared on the Today with Sean O'Rourke show to debate same-sex marriage with Waterford Labour TD Ciara Conway. During the debate, David pointed out the blindingly obvious, namely that where a child has two parents of the same sex, only one can be the birth parent. Ms Conway's reply, oddly, was that this was only David's "opinion".


Convention recommends replacing blasphemy with incitement to hatred provision

By Admin on 5th November 2013. ~ Categories: Religion and Religious Practice,Freedom of Conscience and Religion

The Constitutional Convention has recommended removing the offence of blasphemy from the Constitution, and replacing it with a new provision prohibiting incitement to religious hatred against minority groups. They also voted to strengthen existing incitement to hatred legislation.


A divorced father tells his story

By A divorced father on 2nd November 2013. ~ Categories: Marriage and the Family

I am a divorced parent of three children. I work full time on earnings about 20% above the 2012 average industrial wage. I separated in 2002 and was “married but living apart” until 2011 when legally divorced.


David Quinn debates same-sex marriage on Today with Sean O'Rourke

By Tom O'Gorman on 31st October 2013. ~ Categories: Marriage and the Family

David Quinn debated Waterford Labour TD Ciara Conway on RTE's Today with Sean O'Rourke earlier today as the Government prepares to announce a referendum on the subject.


Does Eamon Gilmore believe in motherhood and fatherhood?

By Tom O'Gorman on 29th October 2013. ~ Categories: Marriage and the Family

The news that Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore wants to see legislation introduced that will allow same-sex couples to adopt before a referendum on same-sex marriage is instructive in a number of ways. First, it tells us just how scared the Government is of the argument that children have a right to a mother and father. It does not want this argument to be part of the debate on redefining marriage.


State flouting the presumption of innocence with its seizure of children

By Admin on 26th October 2012. ~ Categories: Marriage and the Family

The big story this week was the seizure by gardai of two children from their Roma families on suspicion they did not belong to those families. It turned out that they did.


Submission to the consultation on how to make denominational schools more ‘inclusive’

By Alan and Kate Whelan on 24th October 2013. ~ Categories: Schools and Education

Parents of primary school children have been invited to respond to proposals by Expert Group of the Forum on Patronage and Pluralism aimed at making denominational schools more ‘inclusive’. Following is a slightly abridged version of a response to this invitation by parents Kate and Alan Whelan.


A new study shows lower graduation rates for children from gay and lesbian families

By David Quinn on 22nd October 2013. ~ Categories: Marriage and the Family

A new study from Canada has found that High School graduation rates among children raised by same-sex couples are considerably lower than among children raised by opposite-sex married couples. The study is much bigger and more robust than studies claiming that children raised by same-sex couples turn out no differently than children raised by their married, opposite-sex parents.


How divorce and remarriage can alienate children from their aging parents

By Tom O'Gorman on 19th October 2013. ~ Categories: Marriage and the Family

An aspect of divorce that is little talked about is the difficulty remarried people can encounter when trying to persuade their grown-up step-children children to help look after their aging parents.It shows how the way in which divorce and remarriage can alienate children from their parents, even to the point where they won’t help their new step-parents to look after them in old age.


Architect of Britain's abortion law horrified at sex selective abortions

By Tom O'Gorman on 17th October 2013. ~ Categories: Other

The architect of Britain’s abortion law, Lord David Steel, is horrified by the fact that sex selective abortions take place on the strength of it. It was widely assumed that sex-selective abortions were illegal under Lord Steel’s 1967 Abortion Act. However, the British DPP has deemed otherwise.


Your signature is needed to stop EU funding of embryo research

By David Quinn on 15th October 2013. ~ Categories: Freedom of Conscience and Religion

Some years back, with the support of Ireland, the European Union agreed to fund embryonic stem cell research. Now a petition is about to the sent to the European Commission that will oblige it to reconsider this funding.


David Quinn discusses the Iona Institute with Sean Moncrieff

By Tom O'Gorman on 12th October 2013. ~ Categories: Other

On Wednesday, Iona Institute director David Quinn went on Newstalk to discuss the work of the Institute and some of its key concerns, including the health of marriage with presenter Sean Moncrieff. You can listen to the discussion in full here.


The media’s huge double think about the importance of the natural ties

By Tom O'Gorman on 10th October 2013. ~ Categories: Other

There is a huge double think going on in the media about the importance of the natural ties. When it comes to adoption, they seem to think they are very important, but when it comes to assisted human reproduction they seem to have a completely different view.


The ever more elastic grounds for abortion and euthanasia

By Tom O'Gorman on 8th October 2013. ~ Categories: Other

When abortion and euthanasia are first introduced in a given country, we are usually told that the grounds on which they can take place are very limited. But over time those grounds become ever more elastic. For example, earlier this year the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute doctors who performed sex selective abortions.


We should value marriage if we value fatherhood

By Admin on 5th October 2013. ~ Categories: Marriage and the Family

This week the CSO issued a report on marriage in Ireland. One fact it revealed is that the rate of marriage in Ireland wasa very low 4.3 people per thousand in 2011. In his column in The Irish Independent this week, David Quinn says this is just one more piece of evidence showing how marriage in Ireland is weakening of marriage.


How a strong pro-life ethos saves both the mother and her child

By David Quinn on 3rd October 2013. ~ Categories: Freedom of Conscience and Religion

Reacting to the decision by the Mater to comply with our new abortion law, a nurse tutor at the hospital, Sr Eugene Nolan, made a very interesting comment that reveals the contrast between a pro-life hospital and one that is not.


Why do same-sex and opposite sex couples settle down ten years apart?

By David Quinn on 1st October 2013. ~ Categories: Marriage and the Family

It’s interesting that in most jurisdictions that have introduced same-sex civil partnerships/marriage it is most men who avail of them at first. I wonder why that is. More interesting, however, is the average age of those entering civil partnerships. New CSO data tell us it is in the mid-forties.


The Mater should have stood up to the State’s bullying tactics

By Admin on 28th September 2013. ~ Categories: Freedom of Conscience and Religion

Officially at least, the Mater hospital has decided to comply with the new abortion law. This means we now have two Catholic hospitals in Ireland - the other one being St Vincent’s – that have raised no ethical objection to carrying out abortions on certain grounds.


‘A good Catholic meddles in politics’ says Pope Francis

By Admin on 27th September 2013. ~ Categories: Freedom of Conscience and Religion

One would think from much of the media coverage of the Pope’s big interview that he was telling Catholics to take a step back from politics and pro-life and family issues most of all. What received far less coverage were remarks he made a few days earlier that Catholics ought to “meddle” in politics.


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