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The Iona Institute promotes the place of marriage and religion in society. Our starting point in debates about the family is that all children deserve the love of their own mother and father whenever possible. We believe in publicly-funded denominational schools. We also promote freedom of conscience and religion.

The Iona Institute is headed by religious and social affairs commentator, David Quinn.

The Family; social construction or natural phenomenon? 

Professor Brenda Almond examines the ideas undermining the belief that the biological family is of special importance.

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British surrogate mother raising disabled child after commissioning parents rejected her

A British surrogate mother of twins is raising one of them after the comissioning mother rejected her for being disabled. The mother, also British, took the healthy boy but refused to accept his twin sister because of her severe muscular condition Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy, the Sun reported. The surrogate mother, referred to as “Jenny” alleges that the comissioning mother referred to the baby as a “dribbling cabbage.”
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BAI right to criticise Mooney Show says journalism lecturer

A senior academic and member of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has criticised a National Union of Journalists statement on balance in coverage of current affairs. Colum Kenny, Professor of Communications at DCU, said that the NUJ's criticism of the BAI over their decision to uphold a complaint over an unbalanced discussion of same-sex marriage on RTE Radio 1's 'Mooney' show was “misleading.” “The union went wild on Mooney” he said.
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Richard Dawkins has a very odd definition of ‘civilised

Dawkins was at it again recently. He claimed that Ireland is civilised in all but one aspect: its abortion laws. He then added that it’s “moral” to abort a baby with Down’s Syndrome. As Dawkins has greyed, his pronouncements have gotten more off the wall. And I thought wisdom increased with age…
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The Meaning of Religious Freedom

Our next talk will be delivered by the Catholic bishop of Limerick, Dr Brendan Leahy. His topic will be ‘The Meaning of Religious Freedom’. This talk is particularly topical in view of the pressures on religious organisations such as schools and hospitals to conform to values that are often alien to Christianity.

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Aggressive Secularism: lessons for Ireland from Scotland

In Ireland there is a concerted move to banish religion from the public square. In Scotland, something very similar is taking place and if anything is further advanced than here. Professor Tom Gallagher will outline the lesson for Ireland from Scotland

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