How our tax system penalises families today

A recent paper from The Iona Institute shows that families today are massively penalised by the tax system compared with…


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Divorce 2
By David Quinn

If your parents are divorced there is less chance that you will be religious. That is the finding of a new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute. In other words, a high divorce rate is driving down religious belief....

happy child little girl with glasses reading a books

I had a very interesting debate about childcare on RTE’s Today with Sean O’Rourke yesterday. I was debating ex-Senator Jillian Van Turnhout, formerly of the Children’s Rights Alliance. I argued in favour of parental choice when it comes to child-minding....

Doctor holding a stethoscope with arms crossed and copy space

There is growing anecdotal evidence that couples in Irish hospitals are being pressured into having abortions after being informed that their babies suffer from a serious disability. This is eugenics, and it violates both the right to life and, paradoxically,...

Catholic schools

Here in Ireland, there is a strong campaign against faith schools. Their ethos is under attack for not being ‘inclusive’ enough, as is their admissions policy. Meanwhile, the British Government has just heaped praise on Catholic schools and said more...

Pro Life Campaign

To what extent is belief in the right to life of unborn children a religious belief? That, in essence, is the question posed by Laura Kennedy, a columnist with The Irish Times. Her own answer is, it’s very much a...


Master of the National Maternity Hospital, Dr Rhona Mahony performed well as usual when she was on TV last night, specifically Claire Byrne Live on RTE 1. She is for repeal of the 8th Amendment. Given her job, many members...


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Introducing The Iona Institute

Our new, 80-second video explains who we are, what we do, and the principles that we stand for. We invite…

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